The secret of long lasting beauty for exterior paint jobs isn’t really a secret - it’s just plain old hard work and attention to detail with the suface preparation!


At Peters Painting Contractors, we like to showcase photos of projects recently completed and examples lasting extraordinarily well - from 10 to 20+ years. 
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Tudor-B-150 Tudor-A-135

Repainted after 20 yrs.


11 yr. old condo project

Repainted after 20 yrs.


21 yrs. and looking good

Repainted after 20 yrs.


13 yrs. and in top shape




Peters Painting Contractors’ Project Guidelines:

  1. We work on only one project at a time.  We do not spread-out our crews.
  2. We employ only skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.
  3. We operate with a “Team” philosophy.  Labor and management share common goals.
  4. We operate a quiet, non-smoking project site that is clean when we work and when we leave.
  5. We guarantee our work and are fully insured.
  6. We only use premium grade materials.  
  7. We recognize that surface preparation is one of the
    single most important variables to product longevity.
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